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Good Luck Marvi..

By   at The News Tribe

After almost one year of resignation, an intense dramatic crush and then separation with PTI, finally the fully loaded but unguided missile of Sindh has landed in the fields of Raiwand. Many authentic sources and then later her own tweets already confirmed a day before that the young lady had decided for her new political venture. However, the issue is that would the rebellion survive under the supremacy of Takht-e-Lahore.
In a press conference with Mian Nawaz Sharif, she did not do any effort to hid her excitement and happiness, and expressed her emotions that she is relieved after a long run. She further said that she could not tolerate to struggle for democracy within the parties of establishment.
Establishment’s parties..?
The party which launched her and made Marvi Memon or the party where she was thrown out before arrival.
Any ways, well said Ms Memon and well done for your marketing for Chaudhry brothers. And well done for the statement that she has entered in the party as an ordinary worker. One must learn from the experiences and the talented lady like her shall not make the same mistake again.
Her skills are certainly be assessed by the statement of Mian Nawaz Sharif, who has finally accepted the return of Chauhdary brothers. He could even show his more kindness if would welcome Shaikh Rasheed too.
This is the dilemma of Pakistan Politics that nothing is impossible; as we could see the extract of impossible turning to possible in the welcoming speech of Mian Sahib for leaving an invitation to PML-Q.
 Another dilemma that the leadership always remain in the family. BB came after Bhutto, then Bilawal replaced BB, and perhaps he would surrender when Asifa will be able to command. It is same in PML-N, same in PML-Q; PTI is display of Imran’s charisma while MQM is nothing without Altaf Hussain.  Therefore, people with potential like Marvi would never be able to find top place in any party.  In fact, it is not only Marvi, Javed Hashmi and many others faced the same, and unfortunately, one does not see any ray of hope either for anyone in future as well.
Nevertheless, when she started her political career in Musharraf’s regime, it was obvious that Miss Memon is not going to compromise being an ordinary member of national assembly. She successfully made her place not only within the party but also in the media due to her provoking statements.
She was rather more successful being in opposition, however, when PML-Q allied with PPP, her decision gave birth to a rebellion.  She confronted with the leadership on that issue and then to resigned from her own mother party; media gave her maximum coverage, appreciated her decision and sacrifice.  Therefore, she came under an impression that she can bring the change. However, that is irrelevant to write that Shaikh Rasheed also had same impression that his media presence can bring the change in the country.
 Imran, however, could give her best place in PTI, as he had the same slogan, people believed in him, the Lahore rally was really a tsunami, and the team would certainly bring a positive change in the country, if Imran would not change the lines. Nevertheless, as politics is the game of dirty promises, therefore, he went under invisible obligations of unseen guarantors or mentors.  The power players found a better medium or short cut to come in power, and he compromised on the hope that his tsunami will vanquish all opponents. However, the team he has inducted is so powerful that even he could not dare to disagree the decision of the committee. That is now part of the record that how he signed the letter for assurance; but then failed to convince the party giants.  Because the big players knew that, the rebellion will keep fighting on compromises, which could ruin their plan to do anything to get power.
The trauma of this sudden separation and the media war were too much to bear for Marvi. However, she did not surrender or kept quiet, besides she had a visible support of PML-N in all media war. It was obvious and predicted by many analysts that the next venture of her political career is now PML-N.
Now, the question that why she chose PML-N, people would certainly not have that short memory that the how Ms Memon fought on all forums and remained against to PML-N, So why another crush with the enemy?
The fact is, that she would never go to PPP due to fundamental differences despite the fact that a part of PPP has some soft corner for her. However, the presence of other strong, loud mouth, and young women like Shazia Mari and Sharmila Farooqi would make it impossible for her to come in lime light and make the place what she always needed.  She always dreamt to get a prime position, while PPP’s is basic criteria is about sacrifice. Same would happen in MQM, the strict party lines and the discipline under the shadow of Altaf Hussain could make it impossible for her to tolerate. The last factor was a nationalist, which is the actual reason that PML-N decided to make an investment. It is crystal like clear that Marvis is leftist, even if she denies, but her moves, her presence to go in rallies, fight for the rights or labourers and speak out  on other issues has developed close ties and contacts with nationalists. PML-N has no place in Sindh, their four-year’s desperate efforts has given nothing but sheer disappointment to the party. Therefore, Marvi can be the key to open to doors of PML-N on nationalists or can become a source for any future alliance to counter PPP’s hold in interior Sindh. Politics is the name of give and take; she was desperate for a platform while they needed a loaded gun to not onlyto  start fire on PPP,  but to replace the respected Gaus Ali Shah in future, as his age is his biggest enemy to play on front foot. Therefore, not a bad choice for PML for the next president of Sindh PML-N and GOOD LUCK for Ms Memon too that sooner or later she will get some position to fulfill her dream. Now, the actual drama is going to start that who will use who?
As compromises and give and take is fine at it’s place but the rebellion will always inside her.   Mian Sahib has nevertheless, has declared her as a new asset of PML-N but isn’t he  well aware of the potential of this fully loaded missile and must have kept the strategy to keep the rebellion in control?
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