Saturday, 23 June 2012

Google celebrates Alan Turing 100 birth anniversary with doodle

Alan Mathison

Washington: Google honoured computer genius Alan Mathison Turing with it’s doodle on his 100th birth anniversary.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Summer Solstice 2012: The longest day of the year today

Summer Solstice 2012: The longest day of the year today
Karachi: Thursday, June 21, is the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, which means it’s the longest day of the year in 2012 but it is also hottest day for the Pakistanis in several parts of the county.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2’ trailer released as present to fans on Edward Cullen’s 111th birthday

Twi-hards are ringing in Edward Cullen's 111th birthday in style.
Summit feted the fictional vampire, played by Robert Pattinson, by releasing the latest trailer for "The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn, Part 2" early Wednesday.
The star of the one-minute, 18-second trailer, however, isn't the long-in-the-tooth Cullen, but his new bride Bella (Kristen Stewart), who is now a fully glittering immortal in her own right.
"After 18 years of being utterly ordinary, I finally found I could shine, I was born to be a vampire," says Bella.
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Orignal Article: New York Times  

Latest Internet download Manager (IDM)- free download

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“Bahria Town Titanic” of Malik Riaz begins to sink

Lahore: After launching an attack on Pakistan’s independent judiciary, which is termed the last hope for the people of country, Bahria Town Titanic now seems to be sinking, commented an Urdu language newspaper Nai Baat in its report over the business of real estate tycoon Malik  Riaz.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Pakistani Pashto singer Ghazala Javed with her father killed in Peshawar

Peshawar: Some unidentified men killed famous Pashto singer Ghazala Javed and her father in Peshawar, a metropolitan of Pakistan, on Monday.

Pakistan Supreme Court disqualifies Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani

Islamabad: The Supreme Court of Pakistan has disqualified Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani in contempt of court  case, setting aside ruling of the   National Assembly Speaker Fehmida Mirza.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Mubashir Luqman-Mehr Bokhari fiasco: Naseem Zehra quits Dunya TV

Karachi: Naseem Zehra, a prominent Journalist and Director Current Affairs of Dunya TV has resigned from her position on Thursday subsequently the fiasco of leaked video containing planted interview of Malik Riaz with Mubashir Lucman and Mehr Bukhari.

What ‘Manjan’ Mubashir Luqman is now going to sell on Dunya News

Mubashir Luqman who has always been flinging mud on his colleagues in media has now been exposed after video leak in which he was caught conspiring against the top judge of the country. 

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Suu Kyi accepts Nobel Peace Prize 21 years late

Aung San Suu Kyi (File Picture)

Oslo (Reuters): Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi finally accepted her 1991 Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo on Saturday after spending a total of 15 years under house arrest and said full political freedom in her country was still a long way off.
"Absolute peace in our world is an unattainable goal," Suu Kyi said in her acceptance speech during her first trip to Europe in nearly 25 years.
"Hostilities have not ceased in the far north; to the west, communal violence resulting in arson and murder were taking place just several days before I started out the journey that has brought me here today."
Suu Kyi, the Oxford University-educated daughter of General Aung San, Myanmar's assassinated independence hero, advocated caution about transformation in Myanmar, whose quasi-civilian government continues to hold political prisoners.
"There still remain such prisoners in Burma. It is to be feared that because the best known detainees have been released, the remainder, the unknown ones, will be forgotten," Suu Kyi, 66, told a packed Oslo City Hall. Read more...

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

"Goodfellas" Mobster Henry Hill Dies at 69

Henry Hill, a former mobster-turned-FBI informant whose life inspired Martin Scorsese's 1990 crime classic "Goodfellas," died on Tuesday in a Los Angeles hospital after a long-running battle with an undisclosed illness, TMZ reported. He was 69.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Multiple victims after shooting near Auburn University in Alabama

The police chief in the Alabama city of Auburn said early Sunday that "multiple" people are the victims of a shooting at an apartment complex, but he gave no information on the cause or the condition of the wounded.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Verizon Galaxy S III pre-orders open for early July delivery

Verizon has thrown open the pre-order doors for the Samsung Galaxy S III, though buyers of the new third-gen flagship shouldn’t expect to see their new toy until early next month. According to SlashGear readers who’ve stumped up the $249.99 Verizon is asking – plus two-year agreement, naturally – the estimated ship-by date is July 9 2012.

LinkedIn passwords 'leaked by hackers'

Social networking website LinkedIn is investigating claims that over six million of its users' passwords have been leaked onto the internet.
Hackers posted a file containing encrypted passwords onto a Russian web forum.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Sanam Marvi to represent Pakistan in international sufi festival

Lahore: Pakistan’s Sindhi folk and sufi singer Sanam Marvi will represent Pakistan in Sufi music festivals that would be held Morocco, France and Japan.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bashing Facebook For All The Wrong Reasons

ragingbullSo Facebook’s IPO was a disaster. Or maybe itwasn’t. Yes, it was an utter fiasco. No, wait: “The debacle was not the IPO but all the whining by speculators who didn’t make money.” Nope, it was “the flop of the decade“, the worst first week of any IPO in years. Au contraire: “What we have here is an investment banker acting ethically. And the whole financial press is atwitter about it.” Nuh-uh: “The IPO discount is the cost of going public.” Yadda, yadda, yadda, ad nauseum.
Why, what with all these furious alarums and excursions and outraged complains, Benchmark Capital’s Bill Gurley was moved to compare Facebook to another company that immediately dropped below its high-profile IPO issue price and stayed there for weeks and weeks; that well-known loser called … er … You may have heard of it.
Why is anyone paying attention to the this ultimately meaningless pageant? Probably becausesuckers people used to think tech IPOs were a guaranteed way for those lucky enough to buy at the issue price to make money. Now everyone is shocked — shocked! — that Facebook’s investors may have been treated unequally, and grousing “I’m just extremely skeptical about the ability of a retail purchaser to be able to play on a level field in the market.” Gee, you think? Come on, folks: it’s not like you weren’t warned.
The weird thing is that people actually seem to think that the sinking stock price means Facebook’s prospects are grimmer than they were a few months ago. Now, I can’t stand Facebook — indeed, I’m on record as a regular and frequent Facebook basher myself — but this is nothing but a colossal failure of imagination. Take Henry Blodget’s deconstruction of Facebook’s “natural” value: it’s sharp, it’s incisive, it’s insightful, and it completely misses the point.
Facebook is indeed, as Blodget says, extremely expensive relative to its expected earnings over the next year or two. But, unlike most businesses, Facebook’s long-term upside has nothing to do with its expected earnings over the next year or two. It’s believed by many to be extraordinarily valuable not because of its advertising income but because it has a real chance of becoming a company unlike any that has ever existed before, with the possible exception of pre-breakup AT&T.
Look into the medium and long term, something that the stock market is notoriously bad at. In 10-20 years’ time, everyone on the planet has a smartphone, and/or some even smaller and more ubiquitous form of wireless access. We spend more and more time online. Indeed, the whole notion of “online” disappears, as the Internet is woven into literally every facet of our waking life. As this happens, what company defines our identity, and becomes the gateway to every activity and every service?
Yep. Facebook. Sure, Google+ is arguably better, but that doesn’t matter. Bing search is roughly as good as Google’s, but Google won that land grab; similarly, Facebook has won the identity wars. So their advertising income is (relatively speaking) peanuts. Who cares? They don’t need to invent a new form of monetization. They have one already: Facebook Credits. Right now their income from it is a rounding error. But as years go by, and people slowly get accustomed to buying and using and transferring them, and as Facebook grows more and more intertwined with every online action we take–which is to say, nearly every action we take–it could well become the first global virtual currency … and then ultimately lose that “virtual” disclaimer.
Now, to be clear, I don’t actually think this will happen — and I don’t want it to happen, because I think Facebook is a colossal testament to the triumph of lowest-common-denominator homogenizing mediocrity devoid of any real innovation — but I do believe that they’ve got a legitimate shot at it. (Not least because they’re so paranoid that they decided a twelve-person company with no revenue was an existential threat and spent a billion dollars to buy them out. As Andy Grove always says, “only the paranoid survive.”) That longshot long-term possibility, not potential growth in advertising revenue, is what’s baked into Facebook’s more extreme valuations; and that possibility hasn’t diminished because of the IPO. In fact, with billions upon billions of cold hard cash now sitting in Facebook’s war chest, it has if anything grown.

So Much iPhone Gossip, So Little Time

As the unveiling of Apple's next iPhone draws nigh, the rumor mill is churning out iPhone gossip at an ever-quickening rate. If Cupertino sticks with its 12-month launch cycle--a tradition it broke last year when it debuted the iPhone 4S some 16 months after the iPhone 4--Apple will grace the world with its newest handset this fall, most likely in October.

Readers love iPhone rumors, which is why tech and mainstream news sites report then so diligently. But why the obsession with iPhone and other Apple gossip? The massive popularity of the company's mobile products is a major factor, certainly, but so is Apple's legendary secrecy. The company doesn't talk about its upcoming products--ever. It seldom returns reporters' calls and, unlike its competitors, doesn't make its engineers, designers, and managers available to the tech press. You won't find Apple employees blogging about beta projects and the like.
Part of Apple's secrecy may have its roots in Steve Jobs' vaunted showmanship: The Big Reveal works best when your audience has no idea what's coming. Consider Jobs' unveiling of the original iPhone in 2007. Would his presentation have been as effective if Apple had spent months publicly discussing the progress of its revolutionary touchscreen phone?
Apple's privacy has helped build an insatiable demand for news about the company, particularly leaks about whatever cool stuff the folks in Cupertino may or may not be working on. Naturally, with a new iPhone on deck (or so we assume), attention has turned toward Apple's next handset, which most news organizations are calling the "iPhone 5."
We've collected the best and worst iPhone rumors from the past year. The best items (i.e., likely to come true) also tend to be the most recent, and include photographic evidence of alleged iPhone 5 prototypes.
Based on what we're seeing, the upcoming iPhone won't be a dramatic makeover, but rather a longer, thinner model that retains the iPhone 4S' core design. Other likely enhancements include a 4-inch display, 1136 by 640 resolution, and a 16:9 aspect ratio (or very close to it). The phone's back plate appears to be aluminum rather than glass, a notable change from the iPhone 4/4S.
The worst rumors tend to be older and often a bit too optimistic. A 3-D camera? Don't hold your breath. Inductive charging? Not this year. A teardrop shape? Only in concept sketches.
Of course, few of us will know the iPhone 5's full specs until Apple reveals out its latest creation at an undisclosed time and place. Which rumors do you believe? Which would you like to see prove true?

The Windows 8 Release Preview & Windows Upgrade Offer

 The Windows 8 Release Preview & Windows Upgrade OfferIn a blog post earlier todayon Building Windows 8, Steven announced that theWindows 8 Release Preview is now availablefor folks to download! I suggest reading his blog post as it discusses this very important milestone. The Windows 8 Release Preview marks the final phase of development before releasing to manufacturing (RTM), however we’re not finished just yet and there is more to come(and more work to be done). But we are feeling really good about the progress of the product today.
Windows 8 represents a reimaging of Windows. As you can see in the above video, Windows 8 delivers a fast, fluid and no-compromise experience.
There are many improvements and refinements across the Windows 8 Release Preview that folks will see right away, while others are under the hood. For instance, you will find more personalization options for the Start screen (including more colors!), improved multi-monitor support, and new Family Safety features to name just a few. People will also notice and enjoy improvements to the Mail, Photos, and People apps and seenew Bing-powered Travel, News and Sports apps. Internet Explorer 10 also has new capabilities in the Windows 8 Release Preview like “flip ahead” and a fully integrated secure and power-optimized Adobe Flash Player. IE10 is also the first browser to feature Do Not Track “on” by default. The improvements and refinements seen in the Windows 8 Release Preview result in a better overall experience that I think everyone will enjoy!