Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Data Privacy Day: David Sherry’s tips to build strong password

London: It has always been a difficult task to setup you password to protect you data, account and other information. Chief Information Security Officer at Brown University David Sherry has shared some tips for building a strong password.

According to mondaq .com Sherry says you should use an alphanumeric text that is both lowercase and uppercase, and special characters. Best practice says it should be eight characters, but the more the better. The characters should be random, and not follow from words, alphabetically, or from your keyboard layout.
Spell something backwards. Example: Turn “New York” into " kroywen "
Use "l33t speak": Substitute numbers for certain letters. Example: Turn “kroywen” into kr0yw3n
Randomly throw in some capital letters. Example: Turn “kr0yw3n” into Kr0yW3n
Don’t forget the special character. Example: Turn “Kr0yW3n” into !Kr0y-W3n$
So, you say you can’t remember “complex” passwords…
One suggestion: create one, very strong, password and "append" it with an identifier:

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