Thursday, 28 February 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 to have a dotted back?

London: South Korean firm introduced its flagship Galaxy S3 about nine months ago and the smartphone set a new standard for the high-end Android smartphone.

The success of the Galaxy S3 has forced the smartphone enthusiasts to anticipate Samsung Galaxy S4.
Galaxy S3 has also been one of Samsung's hottest selling smartphones. And now it looks like Samsung is about to do it again with the Galaxy S4, set for launch on March 14 in New York.
The last tweet by SamsungMobile hinted on some dotted background and some huge campaign on Times Square in New York city.
Moreover, besides the routine apps, three apps PlayStation 4, S Health and payWave, which seem interesting and unique in nature, have been surfaced to be the part of Galaxy S4. 


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  2. This smartphone will keep all the eyes rolling..:D anyways you can find full specs of this device here. Android lovers