Monday, 18 June 2012

What ‘Manjan’ Mubashir Luqman is now going to sell on Dunya News

Mubashir Luqman who has always been flinging mud on his colleagues in media has now been exposed after video leak in which he was caught conspiring against the top judge of the country. 

Mr Luqman, who has been a controversial person since he started his career as TV anchor, is now said to have been given the same job on Dunya News despite a humiliating blow to the TV management and anchors due to the planted interview of Malik Riaz “Thekaydar”.
Mian Amir Mehmood, who should have kicked out Mr Luqman, seems hell bent on destroying his TV channel by retaining the latter.
I am thinking now what lame excuses Luqman would be presenting in his upcoming shows to remove his embarrassment. Perhaps, he would declare the “humiliating video leak” as a conspiracy against the Dunya News and its anchors. Read more...

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