Saturday, 23 June 2012

Google celebrates Alan Turing 100 birth anniversary with doodle

Alan Mathison

Washington: Google honoured computer genius Alan Mathison Turing with it’s doodle on his 100th birth anniversary.

 Allan Turing, who was born on 23 June 1912, is also being honoured with an award named after him in Manchester for people who help victims of homophobia.
The honour will be given as part of the Lesbian and Gay Foundation’s annual Homo Heroes Awards.
Councillor Kevin Peel, Manchester City Council’s lead member for gay men’s issues, said: “Had he not been hounded to death by the state because of his sexuality, who knows what other breakthroughs he could have made.
Alan Turing doodle

“The fact that we are celebrating his life and work shows how society has moved on, but the battle against homophobia continues. This represents a lasting legacy to Alan Turing, and is a fitting tribute to that great man.
Alan Turing 100 birthday

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