Wednesday, 20 June 2012

“Bahria Town Titanic” of Malik Riaz begins to sink

Lahore: After launching an attack on Pakistan’s independent judiciary, which is termed the last hope for the people of country, Bahria Town Titanic now seems to be sinking, commented an Urdu language newspaper Nai Baat in its report over the business of real estate tycoon Malik  Riaz.

According to the report, prices of plots in Bahria Town schemes are on declined while several clients are willing to sell their pieces of land.
The report said for the first time in the history of Bahria Town loadshedding has also been witnessed, adding that  some residents altercated with the staff over the power outages.
It is to mention here that Malik Riaz, during his press conference against the Supreme Court of Pakistan and its Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, had claimed that there was no concept of loadshedding in his Bahria Town.
An incharge of Bahria Town scheme in Lahore told the newspaper, though prices have not been decreased, number of clients had significantly decreased.
Malik Riaz is considered a defacto ruler of Pakistan, having links with top military general, government functionaries, media tycoons and politicians.
A senior journalist say it was Riaz who appointed Admiral (retd) Fasih Bolhari as National Accountability     Bureau (NAB) Chairman. He quizzed as to how Mr Bokhari would be able to investigate against Malik Riaz.
It is also said Malik Riaz hatched conspiracy against the Supreme Court by trapping the son of chief justice of Pakistan at the behest others.
But now it seems  the mud flinging would cost him his business and reputation.

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