Friday, 20 July 2012

Apple iPhone 5 new rumors

London: A report claims Apple’s partners in the component supply industry have already begun manufacturing parts for the device. The Wall Street Journal also tells us that Sharp, LG and Japan Display Inc. are involved in manufacturing panels for the next iPhone using in-cell tech, though the report notes that manufacturing process is proving difficult lowering yield rates. It observes that Wintek has been left out of the component supply loop for the new device.

MacOtakara says
Japanese Mac blog MacOtakara claims that a ‘trusted source’ says the back of the iPhone 5 will have a naked aluminium surface. This backplate will only be “partially covered” by Gorilla Glass, unlike the iPhone 4 and 4S, the report suggests.
MacOtakara also notes that the small hole on the back of the iPhone that was spotted in previous leaked parts appears to be absent from new production models. The hole was rumoured to be for a rear-facing microphone, but the report claims that its absence may just mean that it is now invisible to the naked eye.
New SIM card
In Europe, carriers have reportedly begun stockpiling supplies of the new Apple-designed “nano-SIM” card which the company is likely to use within the iPhone 5.
Size is once again a big deal — the nano SIM is 40 percent smaller than the micro-SIM, confirming yet another step toward miniaturization and opening possibilities for new families of tiny connected devices.
Carriers clearly expect colossal sales of the new iPhone when it does appear, with the Financial Times noting: “Operators were caught off guard by the adoption of the micro-Sim for the iPhone 4 as well as the original iPad two years ago, with some struggling to meet demand with their own micro-Sims in the first weeks of sale.”
Slim, metal chassis, 4-inches
A report also informs us that mobile industry insiders are predicting the new iPhone will be slimmer than the previous version and equipped with a “fully metal” body.
The new device is expected to have a major design overhaul and is stated to be much bigger, measuring 58.47 mm wide, 123.83 mm high and 7.6 mm thin with a four-inch display.
There are speculations that Apple may increase the size of the display to four inches diagonally without changing the width and likely to raise the height giving it a resolution of 1136 x 640.
Apple must be hoping the product introduction will help it regain its market lead against Samsung, until that firm manages to put out a more competitive Galaxy device in mid-2013.
Release Date:
However, Apply has not yet confirmed or announced any released day but few reports suggest that the next generation phone will be released in August.
Courtesy:  MacOtakara ,

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