Friday, 20 July 2012

Solution for problems emerge in Samsung Galaxy S3

London:  No matter Samsung is a world’s biggest smartphone seller and received 9 million pre-orders worldwide since the release of Galaxy S3, problems have emerged in its highest selling brand.

According to some reports, the battery drain issue has only been reported on the international version of the Galaxy S3. The few lucky users who managed to get their hands on US version of Samsung Galaxy S3 have reported that the battery of their handset is working fine. Several android phones have also reported that there is a drain in the battery. The power consumption of the phone is 50-70 percent more than the actual use. A software update issued to fix the problem. Even the Samsung Galaxy S3′s U.S versions have reported this problem when connected to LTE.
The Wi-Fi connectivity in the Samsung Galaxy S3 is flawed as users have had a itch when they try to connect to internet in cafes and homes. The company is trying to fix the issue and will be releasing a software update for the problem.
Samsung Galaxy S3 users have posted in many forums that their handset sometimes gets stuck on a certain percentage of battery level while charging, resulting in an unusually longer charging time. The users say that the problem gets resolved instantly if the battery is once removed and then attached again. However, the solution is just temporary (sounds like a software bug) and the battery meter gets stuck again at some point.
The microphone which is the DNA of Galaxy S3 is it malfunctions. The people have complained that the volume levels are low on the receiving end and the call is not clear. It is pretty sarcastic and funny that a smartphone can’t make proper calls. Anyhow, according to Fix Ya, updating the firmware or restoring the S3 to the default factory settings should be a solution to the microphone problem in Samsung Galaxy S3.
Amazingly, Fun47, referencing the users, states that the phone is just too thin and danger further when the user is wearing tight jeans. However, we doubt such an issue will really manage to break the Galaxy S3. So it is probably not much to worry about.
The solution.
The big issue has seemed to crop up amongst many device owners following launch— a microphone malfunction which causes users to be unable to hear the person on the other end of the line.
Anyhow, I have given a possible solution for the microphone problem the blog earlier that according to Fix Ya, updating the firmware or restoring the S3 to the default factory settings should be a solution to the microphone problem in Samsung Galaxy S3.
To make the readers easier here are the step by step solutions to fix the microphone malfunctions:
Restart the phone
1.            If the issue persists, connect to a Wi-Fi network to update the firmware
2.            Click “Settings”
3.            Click “About Device” and then enter “Software Update”
4.            If an update is available, tap “Update”
5.            If updating the firmware does not solve the issue, it’s time to restore to factory settings.
6.            Do the following:
7.            Back up your device’s data on your computer
8.            Click “Settings”
9.            Click “Back Up and Reset”
10.          Click “Factory Data Reset” and then “Reset Device”
11.          Click on “Erase Everything”.
Your phone will be wiped and the microphone malfunctions will stop.


  1. resetting my s3 did not fix the microphone problem.. what do i do now?

  2. I have my own Galaxy S3. It was working nice. But after sometime it used to create some problem in wifi connection, Was not working. I had checked my router setting also but the problem was in handset. & I am glad to say that the above solution worked great for me I found this same for my Galaxy S3. While I was reading your Blog I got a strong feeling that I should also contribute from my side to help people Who having the same problem I had. Hope The given procedure will work.