Sunday, 22 July 2012

Batman: DC Comics' most famous billionaire back in action

- Batman: Dark Knight Rises. Written/directed by Christopher Nolan. Starring Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Michael Caine and Anne Hathaway.
GIRLS, do not go and see Batman: Dark Knight Rises with your boyfriend this weekend. He will ignore you, shush you, or quite possibly ask you sit in a separate row if you start with the "who's that guy?" stuff.
Sure, there are females out there who are just as obsessed with DC Comics' most famous billionaire as the fanboys are. But let's face it: most of the fans salivating all over their laptops are male. (Case in point: a whopping 93 per cent of "New 52" DC Comic readers are male, according to a February Nielsen report.)
And there was outrage last year when it was revealed that only one per cent of DC Comics creators were female, resulting in last week's very timely announcement that Ann Nocenti would take over duties as Catwoman comics' writer.
It's all about Batman on the net right now, from the claim that the film might be a liberal attack on U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney, to how Batman, not Barbie, is helping to save Mattel's bottom line. Read More... 

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