Thursday, 26 July 2012

Users' review of Samsung Galaxy S3 problems

London: Every new device and software has some teething trouble upon release. The big issues like microphone malfunction, battery drainage and Wi-Fi connectivity have seemed to crop up amongst many Samsung Galaxy S3 (III) owners following the launch of the highest selling brand the South Korean giant.

I wrote few main problems of Samsung Galaxy S3 in my previous article few days ago, which were based on users experience and frequent complaints on different forums. Many readers shared their experience with us through their emails and comments on the article after using the Smartphone.
Here are some comments of the users which are based on their experience:
One reader named ‘Jane” left a long comment on the article saying, “I just bought the Samsung Galaxy S3 a couple days ago. The speakers are hard to hear when driving. The phone is extremely hot to touch, especially by your face… no idea about the safely regarding this but it concerns me.” Jane commented on the article.
The navigation feature will work to go get you somewhere but then malfunction and can’t find a simple address to get you home. If you voice to text, the feature makes more mistakes than it’s worth! If you use predictive typing it can’t predict most of what you are trying to write. My iPhone never did that! the answering system if poor.. if you have 5 voice messages to hear, you have to listen through all of them to get to the one you want to get back to. The WORST is it’d doing what I call “slice and dice” of the home page. It’s  taking “cuts” of sections of the start/home page (e mine had the weather) and then pastes it to another program you’ve opened, for example, your address book. So stupid to see the part of the temperature layered on top of one of your contacts phone number!! To be even funnier, it then spontaneously moves these ‘cuts” to different areas of the new open page.. i.e to the top of left or in the middle of the page.  It’s like a bad slide show! Even the phone sales people said they have seen this happen in their demo model so it’s not just mine that is possessed! I’m taking it back but will sadly lost the 25 bucks I spent on the screen saver and the 36 dollar activation fee.”
Another reader Devanggoklani said, “Problem in microphone so worst call quality.”
Paula came up with some other problems saying, “I have a different problem and wondering if anyone else has this.  If you go into settings, then wallpapers, then live wallpapers, then home and screen lock and then photo wall and press settings do you gets words/letters there or not? My words are there for about 3 seconds and then go into blocks/squares? Samsung say its a “unique” problem and after arguing with T Mobile for 3 weeks they replaced it for a new one, only for the same problem to occur?!!?”
Habibmiah85 commented, “I noticed that my Galaxy S3 has the same reception problem which the iPhone 4 had, my signal drops as soon as I hold it with my left hand and so that is probably why people can’t hear me sometimes, they are stupid to put the antenna on the bottom left.”
There were many other emails and comments which users shared with us but one thing was common in all those emails and comments that most of the users are facing microphone problem 
Article written by Danial Clark 

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